Just around the corner: Cape Town

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization is starting in two weeks!  Our own pastor and leader, Cody Lorance, will be heading to Cape Town, South Africa, to be one of about 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 nations who will be meeting face to face for the Congress.  The rest of us — and you are invited too! — will be participating as much as possible through GlobaLink sites and online activities.

Please pray for Cody’s preparations for the Congress.  Pray that he will be able to read, reflect and respond to the advanced papers.  Pray that all his preparations will serve to draw him closer to the Lord.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring unity, discernment and wisdom to the Congress participants at Cape Town.  Pray that each person will display humility and grace in their interactions with others.  Ask the Lord to protect the Congress physically and spiritually.  Pray that the sense of fellowship and partnerships which begin in Cape Town will continue for generations to come.

Pray for everyone participating in the Lausanne Movement to experience renewal from the Holy Spirit.  Pray that TIBM will be able to participate in several GlobaLink events and stay updated with what happens in Cape Town.

Please also pray for Cody’s preparations for stuff here while he is in Cape Town.  Ask the Lord to strengthen and equip the other TIBM-ers and TPM leaders as they take on more responsibilities.  Pray that the Lord will give Cody wisdom about Dashain planning and that the TPM leaders will be able to carry out those plans.

To find a GlobaLink event near you, please check out:


To read the advanced papers and other global discussions, see:


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