Lausanne: North American Younger Leaders Consultation

Over the next few days, a diverse group of about 150 evangelical leaders from North America will gather for a Lausanne Consultation in Madison, Wisconsin.   These “younger leaders” (meaning they are in their 20s and 30s) will be divided into working groups to discuss together the six action points outlined in the Cape Town Commitment.  Cody, with all of his various hats, will be participating.

Please pray that the Spirit will give unity to the participants, that they might bring glory to God with their gathering and clearly discern His voice.  Pray that each participant will display humility and graciousness towards others.   Pray that the worship, fellowship, and sharing of ideas will be encouraging, challenging, and inspiring.  Pray that new partnerships will be formed that will honor God and advance His kingdom.

Please ask God to help Cody to be fully present during the consultation.  He has recently been dealing with several stressful issues and has also been feeling ill.  Pray that the Lord will provide refreshing and rest for Cody during this gathering.

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