Lord of the Harvest, send forth these professional workers!

We consistently ask God to send us more workers and the Lord has been faithful to answer.  Today we highlight the need for workers of certain professional backgrounds.  Please pray with us that the Lord will call out:

  • attorneys.  Over the years, we have seen the need for more attorneys to offer their services at discounted rates for various visa and other immigration-related issues.
  • counselors.   Many refugees have escaped traumatic situations, leading to great mental and emotional stress.  Non-refugee immigrants and their children also face psychological stress as they attempt to adjust enough to mainstream American life to function while retaining their heritage.  A counselor with cross-cultural skills and experience would be able to minister directly with diaspora peoples as well as assist local pastors and other lay leaders in becoming more equipped to address these unique issues.
  • CPAs.   Many church planters, especially for diaspora groups, are unfamiliar with church tax and accounting issues.  The churches in some countries have considerably less paperwork with the government as well as internally.  For instance, it is not unusual for churches from rural, developing nations to keep offerings inside a large, heavy box at the church.  So when these brothers and sisters arrive in the States, they must be convinced of the importance of and trained in the use of a church bank account.
  • mechanics.  TIBM’s 15 passenger van was made in 1991 so a mechanic would be great!  As if that were not enough, many church planters need to stretch every dollar, which leads to them having older, increasingly unreliable vehicles.  Besides that, some refugees and immigrants are new to owning vehicles and would benefit from learning some basic car maintenance.
  • medical liaisons.  The health care system in the States is quite complicated even for people who were born here.  Now add limited English skills, unfamiliarity with treatments and procedures, lack of understanding the insurance system, spotty home phone availability, limited transportation and cultural differences in communication methods.  It is no wonder that many refugees and older immigrants ask for help when they must go to the doctor.  Medical liaisons, whether or not they have any medical training, might accompany people to their appointments, help ensure their concerns are addressed and follow up with them at home.  Doctors and nurses might make house visits and hold community-wide informational sessions.

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