Lord of the harvest, send Next Gen workers

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to pray for God to send more laborers into the plentiful harvest field.  Today we’d like to highlight the need for workers among what we call the Next Generation.  The Next Gen consists of 1.5 and 2nd generation immigrants – that is, children, youth and young adults who either came to the States as teenagers or younger or who were born in the States to immigrant parents.  Next Gen-ers often do not fit firmly into their parents’ culture nor into mainstream American culture.  They need to discover that their identities are rooted in their Creator, that all the cultures they participate in have aspects which are beautiful, pleasing and acceptable to the Lord, and that their personal cultural jostlings can lead to effective cross-cultural ministry.

May the Lord call forth men and women to guide Next Gen-ers to these truths while serving as:

  • college ministry workers.  Based on Census Bureau’s Community Survey, Chicagoland has over 670,000 college students.  There are around 100 schools, yet embarrassingly few college ministry workers.  Ask God to call forth at least one worker for each Chicagoland campus.  Pray specifically that the Lord will provide at least one man and one woman to lead Next Gen ministry at the College of DuPage, one of the largest community colleges in the nation with an enrollment of around 29,000.

– youth mentors.  As TIBM-ers Abby and Katie examined through a research study earlier this year, a godly, cross-culturally sensitive mentor has a huge opportunity to help youth understand these truths.  Please continue to pray for God to provide at least six youth mentors for our International Youth Group.  Please also pray that youth ministers across Chicagoland will be equipped to help meet the spiritual, social and emotional needs of Next Gen-ers.

– child care helpers.  Besides being able to help train Next Gen children in the way they should go, here are just three possible scenarios where a child care helper may greatly bless a family: 1) when the young children are being cared for primarily by an aging grandparent; 2) when a father and mother must work opposite shifts so that the children can always have an adult at home; and 3) when a single parent has difficulty working due to needing someone to care for the children.  Please pray for God to provide more people willing to bless children and their families in this way.

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