Louisville and Durham Road Trip

In a few days, several TIBM-ers and TPM-ers will be visiting Bhutanese Nepalis in Louisville, KY and Durham, NC.

In Louisville, they plan on having a satsang (contextualized worship service) with some families.  These families are well-connected to an American follower of Jesus who has taken the time to learn Nepali in order to better communicate with these families.  This young man also wants Nepalis to be able to worship Jesus in Nepali style.  Please pray that the satsang will be well attended and well received.  Pray that many Nepalis in Louisville will follow Jesus.

In Durham, they plan on having a baby naming ceremony.  Traditionally, this ceremony is held when the baby is less than two weeks old.  The new mother found out through her family members in Wheaton that Cody is able to do the ceremony.  She has been waiting for many months for Cody to lead this ceremony.  Please pray the Lord to give wisdom and insight as Cody plans the ceremony in a Christ-centered way.  Pray that through the ceremony, the baby and the family will be blessed by God’s grace.  Pray that B (who has not yet committed to following Jesus) will give faithful and accurate translations and be a helpful assistant during the ceremony.

Besides praying for safe travels, please also pray for the people going on the trip: for Cody, Sarah and Christopher, that they will easily adapt to being in Nepali homes; for D, that her behavior and attitudes would mark them as followers of Jesus; for Baba T, that he will draw closer to Jesus and trust Him more; and for B, that he will be convinced of the Truth and commit to following Jesus. (There may be a couple more people going but we won’t know for sure until they go.)

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5 thoughts on “Louisville and Durham Road Trip

  1. An important update: B, who was to be the translator and assistant during the ceremony, is no longer able to go because of a new job. Please ask God to provide a capable translator!

  2. The satsang in Louisville went well. It was at a Brahmin family’s home in an apartment complex where the American young man will be moving to soon. One of the older men who attended the satsang asked for a copy of the prayer guide; please pray that he will draw closer to the Lord through learning these prayers. Please also pray for the people who received Himalchuli CDs and Jesus film DVDs to take the time to learn more about Him.

  3. The naming ceremony in Durham also went well. The event was webcast to relatives living in Ohio, who could not believe that Cody was not a Nepali. These relatives have asked if Cody can do the same ceremony for their baby too.

    Please continue to pray that the rest of the time in Durham will be fun and fruitful.

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