Maps: Finding hubs and virtual prayerwalking

Just as GPS turn-by-turn apps can be convenient to know how to get from one place to another, maps can be useful tools to initially get to know a location.

At, you can explore Chicagoland (and other metro areas around the USA) from a different perspective. Researchers, including ones from Borderless, have been mapping potential hubs where specific diaspora people may gather — places of worship, restaurants, ethnically-based or language-based associations, specialty markets and so on.

When you combine the information being collected at with a map app like Google Street View, you can do a virtual prayerwalk through different areas. You can also guide others (perhaps ministry partners who live far away) to become more familiar with particular neighborhoods or the metro area in general.

May these map tools be used by the Lord to lift our eyes, to gain insight and to move us to action.

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