May a few days of partnering lead to long term fruitfulness!

This March, TIBM will welcome two groups of volunteers: one from Willow Springs, Missouri, and one from Russellville, Arkansas.  As with other visiting volunteer groups, they will be learning about TIBM and joining in our ministry for a few days.  Unfortunately, each group will be spending just a few days with us.  Please pray with us that the Lord will multiply the impact of this brief time in the lives of the volunteers and of diaspora peoples.

Both groups will spend hours in prayer and prayerwalking at strategic locations both in the western suburbs and in Chicago itself.  Ask God to lead them by His Spirit and to give them insight as they pray.

Both groups will visit the South Asian Friendship Center and learn about their efforts to meaningfully demonstrate love and grace to the community around them.  Pray that this will be a fruitful experience for the groups, TIBM and the SAFC.

Both groups will also be assisting in efforts to identify who the different people groups in Chicagoland are and where they live and work.  Pray that our people group research project would progress significantly with the help of these volunteers.  Ask God to call the volunteers to long term ministry among any unreached or unengaged people groups they may encounter.

Both groups will also be meeting and sharing meals with various diaspora families connected with TIBM-ers.  The Willow Springs group will participate in a “cultural exchange gathering” with several families from the Middle East.  Please pray with us that the evening of sharing food, stories, gifts, traditions and maybe even talents will lead to stronger relationships and more open doors for the good news to be shared.  On the next night, the same volunteer group will be divided into a few homes for smaller-scale cultural exchanges.  Please pray that the volunteers will become long-term prayer advocates for those already following Christ as well as for those who have yet to place their hope in Him.  The Russellville group will be interacting with a Muslim family.  Please pray that their time together will lead to spiritual breakthroughs in this family.  (Stay tuned for a specific prayer request for this family.)

Pray that TIBM’s time with these volunteer groups will be mutually encouraging and will lead to ongoing partnerships for the sake of God’s kingdom.

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2 thoughts on “May a few days of partnering lead to long term fruitfulness!

  1. The cultural exchange went well. The Middle Eastern family who came felt very loved and they were reminded of good times with friends in their homeland. The group also enjoyed the time together. Thanks for praying.

  2. Thanks for praying! Both groups were able to give us a boost forward in our people group research project and in our ministry among Muslims. Pray that these volunteers will continue engaging the unreached in some way and will remember to pray for us.

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