Meeting Partners in Uganda and Ethiopia

In answer to prayer, TIBM began partnering with Endiro Coffee in Uganda and Goh Bright Future in Ethiopia.  We are looking forward to advancing these partnerships as Cody travels to Uganda and Ethiopia the first week of December.  Please pray for this trip and for these ministries.  Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for all the expenses related to this trip.

If you haven’t already seen Cody’s post about his trip, here are his prayer requests:

1. Pray for a safe trip without complications.  Also pray that I would not get any health problems.

2. Pray that God will bless me with great fellowship during this week of travel.  I need it.

3. Pray that I will be able to hear clear direction and instruction from the Lord that will help me as a leader and helper in relationship to these ministries.

4. Pray for the ministries of Goh Bright Future and Endiro Coffee.  Pray for their leaders.  Ask God to deepen and expand their impact to bless more children, plant more churches, and engage more people in diaspora with the gospel.

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One thought on “Meeting Partners in Uganda and Ethiopia

  1. Thanks for praying! Cody’s trip was safe & his health actually improved during his stay. He also had a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor Talargie & his Ugandan sister Gloria. We will be sharing more about how you can keep praying for Goh Bright Future, Endiro & TIBM’s partnership with these ministries.

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