Ministries literally outside the four walls

Our space needs have prompted a couple big changes which will roll out the next few days.

First, the International Youth Group will be meeting at a park near the neighborhood where several team members now live.  In the past month, the youth have been learning about some of what the Bible says about missions.  Their leaders, Katie, Abby & Andy, have been preparing the youth to view this move as a way to engage more youth with the good news of peace with God through the Messiah.

Please pray for this transition to go smoothly.  Please pray that the youth will put what they have learned to practice and desire to please the Lord.  Ask God to help the youth to be culturally sensitive yet bold in friendship with the youth living there.  Pray that as the International Youth Group seeks to bless the neighborhood, the community will be thankful and look with favor upon the IYG.  Pray that the youth group meetings will help strengthen the families living there and usher into that community an abundance of sacrificial love, lasting joy and complete peace.

Second, our summer ESL program will be having classes and tutoring sessions at the common areas of two different apartment complexes, as we have already described here.  We thank God for providing at least two native English speakers for each session and also families willing to host in case of inclement weather.  After discovering that the “New Oxford Picture Dictionaries” in our possession are 25 years old,  we have ordered Oxford Picture Dictionaries and the corresponding teacher’s guide to facilitate our class times.  We will be sharing the story of Creation over the 8 weeks we have planned for the program.

Please pray that our summer program will be genuinely helpful for students wishing to improve their English skills.  Pray that teachers and tutors will imitate and incarnate Christ in their relationships with the students.  Pray that students who wish to learn more about the Lord will move closer to Him as a result of ESL.  Pray that the Lord will provide financially for the expense of the class resources.


For both of these ministries, please pray that we will have pleasant weather & no mosquitoes and that everyone who attends will be safe.  Ask God to give us wisdom and discernment to quickly adapt our plans as needed as well as the persistence to continue in obedience.  May the Lord bring about many transformed lives.

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