More Mentors Needed

Last semester, TIBM-ers Katie and Abby worked on a research project examining the identity formation among refugee youth.  How did these youth relate to their family’s culture, the culture of the country where they were refugees, and mainstream American culture?  What were the implications for discipling these youth to follow Christ?

What Katie and Abby found (among other things) was that the refugee youth were heavily influenced by Americans with whom they had close relationships.  In effect, the youth seemed to absorb many of the attitudes, behaviors and priorities of these Americans.

So please pray that the Lord will raise up godly mentors for refugee youth.  We specifically ask that the Lord will provide six more mentors for the International Youth Group.  Pray that these mentors themselves will follow Jesus in a way that is marked by obedience, integrity and humility.  Pray that they will also have a deep appreciation for the youth’s cultural backgrounds and seek to assist the youth to practice and express their faith within those cultural frameworks.

These refugee youth are in many ways like Joseph, Naaman’s wife’s servant girl and Daniel.  Pray that the Church would recognize the great potential these youth have to be effective cross-cultural bearers of good news.

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