MoveIn Conference

Last year TIBM began an official partnership with MoveIn, with some of our staff members becoming the first two MoveIn teams in the United States.  These TIBM-ers live in two “patches” — multi-housing neighborhoods with high ethnic diversity and high poverty — and each team is committed to praying at least weekly together for their patch.

Each year, MoveIn-ers are invited to gather at a conference to learn and fellowship together.  This week, TIBM-ers from one of our patches will be traveling to the Toronto area to meet brothers and sisters from Canada, the UK and Germany.

Please pray for these TIBM-ers to have safe and smooth travels.  Pray for the kids to be healthy and relatively happy as they stay with others.  Pray that TIBM-ers will be able to focus during the conference and hear from the Lord as a group.  Pray that this team will be faithful to apply what God shows them to do.

Please also ask God to strengthen the leaders of MoveIn and to give them wisdom.  Pray that all the MoveIn-ers at the conference will be able to encourage and challenge each other to keep pressing on.  Pray that each MoveIn patch will see God answer prayers by transforming lives and communities.

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