Movin’ on up

We’ve already asked you to pray for TIBM’s time of transition due to team members Jeri and Sarah both moving away from Chicagoland in December.  We would also like you to pray for TIBM as we face several other changes as well.

Several team and church members will have different housing situations in December.  Please pray that the packing and unpacking will be less of a chore and more of a joy.  Pray that these new homes would be places of peace where Christ is honored more and more.  Pray that they would remain pest-free.  (That’s a really important request.)

With the new housing situations and staff changes will come a new dynamic among our team and our church.  Our members, though fewer, will be more spread out geographically than before.  Pray that we will continue to pursue authentic fellowship with one another and to encourage each other to do God’s will.

TIBM is also taking more steps toward becoming a legally independent church.  For all these years, TIBM has been ministering under the umbrella of our sponsor church, Glenfield Baptist Church.  Please pray that the paperwork will be dealt with accurately and in a timely way.

In light of all these changes, please pray that TIBM will be obedient to the Lord’s will right now.  Ask God to give Cody wisdom and discernment as he takes a retreat in the beginning of December to seek the Lord’s direction.   Pray that we will hear from the Lord clearly as a group and be faithful to respond.

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