Moving in, more opportunities

Earlier this year, we asked you to pray for God’s love and good news to go forward when two of our team members moved into a mostly Pakistani neighborhood.  Just last week, a family on our team moved into that same neighborhood.

Please pray for the family to be able to settle in quickly.  Pray that the Lord will remove the pests that are in their unit and help the family to manage in the meantime.  Pray that the family will meet their neighbors and develop solid relationships with other families.  Ask God to give them insights into Pakistani culture, so as to avoid cultural offenses but also to better appreciate its unique and beautiful elements.

Pray that all the team members living there will be united by the Spirit and clearly display the love of Christ for each other and for their neighbors.  Pray that their neighbors will see God’s grace in the team members’ interactions with each other.  Ask God to use this living situation to increase ongoing respectful interfaith dialogue and intercultural understanding.

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