“My car blew up”

Out in the suburbs of Chicagoland, there isn’t very much public transportation to help you get around within the suburbs.  We would appreciate your prayers for a few transportation needs.

One of our church members recently lost the use of her car due to an engine fire.  Since her shift at work ends in the middle of the night, it is difficult for her to find rides.  Another church member is unable to renew her car’s registration because it has not been able to pass the required emissions test.  Please ask God to provide reliable transportation for these two young women.

Many families who attend Karen Baptist Church and TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali do not own a vehicle.  For some, they have only recently arrived in the States and/or have not been able to save enough money to purchase a car.  For others, they were assigned to jobs so quickly after arriving in the States that they have not had much opportunity to learn enough English to pass the driver license test.  Some families who do own cars have only one licensed driver and are thus limited by the driver’s work schedule.

As a result, TIBM’s 15 passenger van, which we refer to as the Nevus, is used at least three days a week to transport people to TPM services, midweek youth group and ESL classes.  It is also usually used a couple times a month for other things, like picking up new families from the airport and taking people to Little India for worship services.  As you can imagine, the 20 year old Nevus requires quite a bit of maintenance and uses quite a bit of gas.  Please ask God to provide for the usage and maintenance of the Nevus.  Please pray that our ministry would not be hindered by transportation issues.

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One thought on ““My car blew up”

  1. Praise God! The church member with an expired registration on her car was able to get her car fixed to pass the emissions test. God also provided for the repairs. Thanks for praying!

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