Needing a New Worship and Ministry Space

Last week, TIBM was informed that we have until late June to vacate the church building that we have used since 2006.  (The building was sold to another church.)  We must now quickly look for a space (or spaces) to accommodate our ESL ministry, the International Youth Group, Tensae Church, Karen Baptist Church, and TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali.  We would greatly appreciate your frequent prayers for this situation until the Lord provides the space.

First, we praise God for blessing us with the use of the former building for the past seven years.  We thank God for the way these churches and ministries were able to present the good news of Jesus Christ multiple times each week and to grow spiritually over time.  We praise God that many people from all over the world who had never heard the Truth before walked into that building and meaningfully encountered Truth.

Second, we grieve over the lack of unity and brotherly love which led to the current situation.  We humbly ask God to reveal in what ways we have grieved the Spirit that we might repent & receive forgiveness.  May the light of Christ shine into the hearts and relationships where there has been miscommunication, cross-cultural misunderstanding, and misplaced priorities.  We ask our heavenly Father to rip out any roots of bitterness.  We ask the Lord, by God’s grace, to bring a new sense of unity and sacrificial love to His people.

Finally, we ask God give us a deeper trust of His provision for all our needs.  May we not rely on our strength and resources (or panic) but constantly seek His face and His kingdom (and believe).  We pray against discouragement during this time of waiting and searching, especially for the leaders of the churches and ministries.  May these churches and ministries be faithful to continue in obedience during these uncertain circumstances.  We pray that the Lord will minimize the negative impact of this situation on His work among the diaspora peoples in Chicagoland and instead will position these churches and ministries for the expansion of His kingdom among diaspora peoples.  We trust God to provide the right location for the right price.

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4 thoughts on “Needing a New Worship and Ministry Space

  1. Sad news indeed. I will be praying regularly for you all during this time. May God provide for His people. Love you all very much.

  2. I can’t even imagine what I should say right now to bring some comfort. I appreciate your spirit and am especially touched by the part that said you want God to rip out any roots of bitterness. I will pray likewise.

  3. May the Good Shepherd continue to guide His flock into green pastures…and may it be greener on the other side of this situation! Praying for increased trust in His care and fruitfulness in the harvest during this time of uncertainty. Keep up the good heart work of dealing with bitterness and forgiveness. May we all be eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

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