Needing a New Worship and Ministry Space: Update!

Last summer, the building used by many of TIBM’s ministries and congregations was sold, becoming no longer available.  So far, the Lord has not yet provided one worship and ministry space where we can all meet.  Please continue to pray for this need.  Here is what is going on now:

Tensae Church is meeting on Sundays in another church building.  For their Bible studies and prayer meetings, they must meet in people’s homes.  Pastor Talargie does not have an office to meet people or to prepare sermons.  Please pray that the Lord will provide for Tensae’s needs for space for all weekly activities.

For much of the time since last summer, Karen Baptist Church met in people’s homes for their worship services.  Most of the weeks, they had one meeting in the Wheaton area and another in the Aurora.  About one Sunday a month, they tried to all meet together.  Very recently, Karen Baptist Church began meeting in another church building.  Pray that this new location will work out well and that new, mutually edifying partnerships will form.  Pray also that the Lord will multiply gifts as the church members save toward purchasing a building.

ESL met outdoors by apartment complexes during the summer but did not continue classes during the fall or winter due to a lack of space.  Similarly, International Youth Group met outside in a park as long as they could before the weather became too cold.  Please pray that God will provide a suitable space for English classes and youth group.  Pray also that He will provide more workers for both ministries.

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