New housing needed – still

God answers prayer!  See details in the comments.

Several families are facing the ends of their leases and need to find new places to stay on September 1.  In addition to the challenges everyone faces when looking for a new home, all of these families don’t have much of a credit history and certain families have only one income.

Thank God for determining the times and places where we live.  Please pray that the Lord will provide suitable and affordable housing for each of these families.  Pray that these families will see God’s work in this situation.

Update (Oct. 17): One family who was looking for a new home back in August is still looking.  The situation has become more urgent, as their refrigerator has not worked for two weeks and their current landlord refuses to fix it.  The law requires this family of six to have 3 bedrooms, but most homes of that size are out of this family’s income range.  Please ask the Lord to provide a new place for them this week.

Another update (Oct. 25): Please keep praying! See Jeri’s update below. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “New housing needed – still

  1. Here is Jeri’s update:

    “[There is a landlord who is willing to consider this family.] But he wants to get a referral from their current landlord and that’s a sticky situation due to some cleanliness problems the family has had. I talked to the current landlord today and he’s going to try to be as fair as possible but he said he can’t lie if the potential landlord ask specific questions (which I agreed of course). Please pray that the potential landlord will have mercy on this family and open up this home to them. The current landlord told me today that he will absolutely not renew the lease with them and wants them out now (actually wanted them out 2 mths ago). He has their apartment rented to someone else starting Dec. 1st and he needs to get them out now so he can clean and repair their apartment.

    This is a pretty desperate situation — all other resources I’ve checked into haven’t panned out – section 8 housing is closed, low income housing waiting list are 1-3 years long, etc., etc. I’m still doing some calling but running out of places to turn and time too. They need to be out this weekend – end of the month.

    Please pray for God to provide a home for this family. Please pray for me too that I won’t collapse under this burden – I know that sounds a bit dramatic but if you know much about this family and my journey with them you will know that my collapse is very possible unless I am sustained by my Lord. Pray for God’s provision for this family.”

  2. The good news is that this family has a temporary place to stay and also a place to store their stuff. In particular, many people from their church helped them move their things over the weekend and they are currently staying with a family from their church. Praise God for working in and through His body to help meet this family’s needs.

    Please continue to pray for this family to find a more permanent place to stay in the near future. Thanks!

  3. Praise God! The family has moved into a more permanent place to stay. Their new apartment is in a good location for them, as the kids can attend the same schools and the mom can still walk to her ESL classes. Their new landlord has also agreed to allow the family to move into a bigger apartment when one becomes available.

    Please thank God for taking care of this family in such a tangible way!

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