New housing needed

Sometimes life seems to go from one crisis to another.  For those who follow Jesus, the good news is that God is always there and that there are brothers and sisters around the world who can help.

Once again, we ask you to pray for our dear friends, Thun Tun and Eh Shun.  Once again they are facing a difficult situation.  The apartment complex they have lived in since arriving in the States was sold last year to a different management group.  This group has decided not to renew many of the leases of current occupants — including Thun and many of former refugees — so that the apartments can be rented to people at risk of homelessness.

Thun Tun and Eh Shun’s lease expires at the end of February.  They would like to try to stay in the same school districts so that their two older children can finish their grade levels at their current schools.  The neighborhoods in these school districts are rather expensive.  Thun Tun has not worked since being diagnosed with cancer in September 2013.  They currently receive some housing assistance but we are unsure whether this assistance will be transferable.

Thank God for His promises to never leave or forsake His people.  Thank God that Thun Tun and Eh Shun’s faith has remained constant.  Praise God for the hope He has given them even in the face of a seemingly unending series of challenges.   Praise God for their generous hearts and their willingness to give out of (what looks to the world as) poverty.

Please ask God to provide a new home for Thun Tun and Eh Shun soon.  Pray that He will provide for a security deposit and for each monthly rent.  Pray that their children will be able to have school environments where they can thrive.

Please also continue to pray for Thun Tun’s complete healing from cancer.  Pray that his ability to swallow, taste foods and hear well will return.

Pray that this family will be more firmly convinced of God’s goodness and His presence in their lives.  Pray that others will see their commitment to follow Christ and be drawn to Him too.

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  1. Praise God that Thun Tun’s current landlord has agreed to let the family stay for the rest of the school year. They still need to find a new home by June, but we thank God for His provision right now.

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