Next week: Neighbor Day Festival

Here are a few more items of prayer as we prepare for Neighbor Day Festival:

Many, many logistical details need to be identified and taken care of.  Please pray that we will not feel overwhelmed but will handle these things in ways that honor our Lord.

Jeri is coordinating the festival.   Please pray for her to be healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually) during this time.  Pray that she will get the sleep and rest that she needs each day (and night).

Please pray that we will honor God in all our interactions with each other and our neighbors.  Pray that we will be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  Pray that those preparing for the festival will be able to focus on Christ — on loving Him and loving others just as He loves us.

We would appreciate continued prayer for the other things we mentioned before:

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One thought on “Next week: Neighbor Day Festival

  1. Thanks for praying!

    Things came together so that Neighbor Day Festival was an enjoyable time. We had some very positive interactions with neighbors as we prepared for the festival. Please continue to pray for Jeri as she catches up on sleep (and other important things like laundry).

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