Nine Days of Prayer for Nepalis

Today marks the beginning of a traditional festival celebrated by Bhutanese Nepalis.  Nine days lead up to a major celebration of the family, when elders bless their children and younger siblings.

The members of TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali seek to participate in these traditions in ways which honor and are centered on the Lord Jesus.  In particular, we encourage people to contemplate and to pray for the community based on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Just as many Christ-followers make use of decorating evergreen trees to remind them of God’s truth, TPM members also make use of traditional elements in these festivals to remind them of what God has done through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray that many Bhutanese Nepalis (in our community and throughout the country) will celebrate these festivals in Christ-honoring and Christ-centered ways.  Pray that their families will see evidence of the fruit of the Spirit as the Lord changes hearts.  Pray that the Lord will use the simple prayer guide — which is in both Nepali and English — to help many Bhutanese Nepalis draw closer to Him.

Please pray with us using this guide.  (It is in a booklet format so watch the order if you are just viewing it.)

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