On the Road to Emmaus (Day 22)

(Please see Luke 24:13-35)

Cleopas was walking with a friend on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Their hearts were heavy as they discussed all that had happened. The crowds had welcomed Jesus as he entered Jerusalem with palm branches and shouts of praise last week. But a few days later, Jesus had been arrested in the middle of the night and crucified. And then that very morning, people had found an empty tomb and seen a vision of angels who said that Jesus was alive.

As Cleopas and his friend were talking as they journeyed, another man joined them. When they had explained what they had been discussing to the man, he said, “Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” Then this man proceeded to interpret all the Scriptures regarding the Messiah.

The evening approached as the three travelers neared Emmaus. Cleopas and his friend invited their new companion to stay with them. As the man blessed the bread and broke it, the eyes of Cleopas and his friend were opened to recognize that the man was Jesus. Jesus vanished. Despite the late hour, the two men hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they had seen Jesus.



Jesus Messiah, You are alive and risen indeed. When You speak, You bring to light what has been hidden. When You walk with us, our confusion is turned into understanding. When You are in our midst, our sadness is turned into joy. Give us the boldness and urgency we need to tell others of our journey with You.

Our Risen Lord, our world is full of travelers. From commuters to tourists, pilots to deckhands, food deliverers to CEOS, astronauts to shepherds, draw near to the ones who are brokenhearted, confused and longing for redemption. Reveal Yourself through Scripture, dreams and visions and the breaking of bread with fellow travelers.

Ask God how else to pray.

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