One Family, Many Needs

The S family is very dear to TIBM.  We’ve been able to rejoice with this Karen family, as when their youngest child was born and their oldest child graduated from high school. We’ve cried with them, as when they’ve had to deal with difficult family issues.  We’ve been blessed by them, as we have seen their daughters especially grow in the Lord.  Please join us in praying about some of the specific needs the S family faces right now.

The youngest child, V, has been diagnosed with autism.  While quality therapy and preschool is available, the S family needs help to make use of these opportunities.

  • Pray that V will wear his special vest at the right time so that he can ride the bus to preschool.  Pray also that V will not try to take large toys with him on the bus.  Pray that the bus driver and company will extend grace and continue to allow V to take the bus.
  • Ask God to provide reliable transportation for V to go to his medical appointments, some of which are in downtown Chicago.
  • Ask God to provide effective translation during the medical appointments.  Pray that local Karen community members will complete the translation training certain hospitals require so that more medical care can happen at local hospitals instead of downtown.
  • Pray for the S family to have extra patience when V has difficult times.  Pray that the therapy will truly help V.

Ask God to strengthen the S family and to heal the broken places.   Ask God to mobilize His people to help this family with their needs.  Pray that God will continue to use this family to advance His kingdom.

(P.S. If you live in the Wheaton area and are willing to help with the medical appointments, please let us know!)

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One thought on “One Family, Many Needs

  1. A new development is threatening to break this family apart permanently and to put them in major financial distress. Please pray for them to see God’s provision and hope.

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