Operation E-S-Dwell

This summer, TIBM will be piloting a different way of hosting English classes.  After talking about this idea for several years, we made the decision to try it out this June and July even before our immediate ministry space needs arose.

Our plan is to set up English practice opportunities twice a week at two different apartment complexes.  In these sets of apartments live a good number of current students as well as many potential new students.  These locations also do not have other, non-TIBM-related active ministries present, to the best of our knowledge.

One session at each location each week will be slightly more formal, more like a class.  The other session could be anything from another class session to an informal conversation practice time to a series of tutoring sessions.  We decided to try this new format during the summer so that we could use the extra assistance of our summer interns, Jamie & Kendra.

Will you join us in praying for our ESL experiment?

Please pray that our ESL summer program will accomplish our goals of helping people improve their English skills and of building relationships with students in which the good news of Christ is made clear.

Pray that the many logistical pieces — what materials to use, where exactly to meet (outside? in a home?), who can teach when, what to do with kids — will fall into place.  Pray that at least two families at each location will agree to host classes.  Pray that the teachers would wisely manage different skill levels of students.  Ask God to provide all the resources we need.

Ask God to direct us as to how to incorporate sharing the story of salvation into this new format.

Pray that by the end of July we will have a clear idea of whether Operation ESDwell ought to be an ongoing component of our ESL program.

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2 thoughts on “Operation E-S-Dwell

  1. Thanks for your prayers so far! We’ve got places where we can meet, people who can teach and tutor, and books we can use. Please pray as we start our class and tutoring sessions this coming week.

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