Orlando 2011, here we come!

From April 4-6, many evangelical leaders will be meeting in Orlando, FL, for a “leadership consulation.”  As described on its website, Orlando 2011 will be “an interactive meeting” of Mission America Coalition (U.S. Lausanne) partners, U.S. participants of Cape Town 2010, and “Christian leaders who share a passion for a Christ-awakened Church living out the Gospel.”  The very issues addressed at Cape Town 2010 will also be addressed with the context of the United States in mind.  The organizers of Orlando 2011 also hope the participants will reflect the geographic, ethnic, denominational, vocational, and socio-economic diversity of the body of Christ in the U.S.

Please pray specifically for Cody, Jeri and Katherine, who will be representing TIBM, to be spiritually and mentally prepared, to travel safely, and to enjoy the time of fellowship together and with the other participants.  Pray that they will be able to effectively communicate what the Lord has shown TIBM and to learn from and be encouraged by the other participants.

Pray that participants will listen to the Lord’s voice in prayer and through one another.  Ask God to show them how the Spirit is reshaping the Church’s understanding of evangelism in our time.  Pray that through this meeting the U.S. Church can better partner with the global Church in reaching the nations with the Gospel of Christ.

Cody will be giving a presentation on diaspora missions on Wednesday.  Pray that he will be well prepared and that his presentation will go smoothly.  Pray that the Lord will make the presentation and related discussion genuinely helpful to the Church.  Cody will also be attending a small meeting related to shaping the Global Diapora Network.  Pray that this meeting will be led by the Spirit and a blessing for those involved.

Ask the Lord to strengthen the other TIBM-ers who will not be going and TPM leaders as they all take on added responsibilities during this time.

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