Our Chicago, God’s Delight

Our local denominational association is calling for a day of prayer and fasting on Friday.  Please pray with us for Chicagoland.  (You can keep our association, CMBA, in mind specifically or pray for all believers more generally.)

Ask God to bring revival to Chicagoland — for followers of Jesus to be refreshed and renewed by the Lord and for others to find the new life Christ offers.  Pray that the Spirit will bring conviction and grace to those who are seeking God’s face.

Ask God to equip His people to share the good news of Jesus Christ — through words and actions — with their families, their friends, their neighbors, and their co-workers and classmates.  Pray that in the next week, God will prompt many people to ask spiritual questions and that His people will turn them to the Answer.

Ask God to provide more laborers to work among the many nations represented in Chicagoland, whether through followers of Jesus who already live here or not.  Pray that God will provide financially for those who work among the poor and unreached.  Pray that God will provide for those who are preparing to move to Chicago in order to work among least reached peoples, like the S family.

Ask God to give wisdom to the spiritual leaders in Chicagoland.  Pray that they would be men and women of integrity and humility who will be known as friends of God.

Please also pray that TIBM will be approved for official affiliation with our local association at the annual meeting on Saturday.  (We are currently affiliated through our sponsor church but are seeking membership on our own.)  Pray that the other decisions made will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

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One thought on “Our Chicago, God’s Delight

  1. The meeting delegates voted to approve TIBM for full church membership with our local association. Cody was also selected to be the vice-moderator for next year.

    CMBA has a goal of starting 2,000 churches, missions and ministry sites by the year 2020. Although 2,000 may sound like a large number, it is actually only a tithe of the estimated 20,000 more churches needed in Chicagoland. Please keep praying!

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