Partnering for the sake of an Unreached People Group

This coming week, we welcome several brothers in Christ from Georgia.  Their church, 5th Ave, has adopted an unreached people group based mostly in India.  According to the Joshua Project, there are 0.00% Christ-followers among the over 27 million people.   Along with 5th Ave’s ongoing efforts to support ministry among these precious people in India, the church is also eager to engage any of these people who are in diaspora in the States.  Over this next week, we will be sharing our experiences and gaining knowledge from each other.

Praise God for the vision He has given to 5th Ave for this people group.  Please pray that the men will have safe and pleasant travels. Ask God to give them physical, mental and spiritual energy during what may be an intense time of learning and experiencing different things.  Pray that TIBM will effectively equip the men in basic steps in identifying and researching diaspora people groups and in ministering among South Asians by building bridges between their culture and God’s Word.  Pray that together, we will learn more about, find and positively engage members of this adopted people group.  Ask God to give us unity as we cooperate in person this week and continued fellowship when the men return to Georgia.  Please pray that many in this people group will have an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and decide to come under His shelter.

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