Passover — “What the Lord did for me”

At sundown on Friday, the feast of Passover will begin. The commemoration of the Lord delivering the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt is the most celebrated holiday among Jewish people today. Even non-religious Jewish people will gather with family and friends for the seder.

Pray for Jewish people celebrating Passover to sincerely thank God for His strong hand which rescues people. Pray that as they remember the Exodus story, their hearts will be softened to see Yeshua as the fulfillment of the Passover Lamb.

Pray for Messianic Jews to have many opportunities to share their faith with friends and relatives — while shopping, while preparing homes and during seders — over the next two weeks. Pray that others will see that the Lord God is actively at work in the lives of His people.

Pray for more non-Jewish followers of Yeshua to learn how to build bridges of understanding with Jewish friends, co-workers and classmates.

Please pray for the Messianic Congregation of Chicago to effectively coach more followers of Yeshua on reaching out to Jewish peoples beyond Passover. Pray also for the Lord to show Kingdom Pathway Church His purposes in placing them amid several synagogues as they pray this week.

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