Pastors in Need of God’s Provision

A few of our pastors are facing situations which are hindering their ministries.  Please join us in lifting them up.

Two pastors have had or will have their salaries reduced significantly.  Please pray that they will have a deeper trust in the Lord.  Pray that their church members will find ways to generously meet their needs.  Pray that this season of severe financial challenge will be short.

Pastor Eric of Calvary International Baptist Church does not have his own car.  He relies on borrowing others’ cars or getting rides in order to go places — including church.  Please pray that in the near future the Lord will provide a reliable car and gas money for Pastor Eric.

For all of these pastors, please pray that the Lord will strengthen their families and protect them from spiritual harm.  Financial difficulties can be a source of family stress and quarrelling so please pray that God will knit the families together during this time.  Pastor Eric’s wife and kids are still in Ghana, as they have not yet obtained appropriate visas to join him in the States.  Please pray that the Lord will bring comfort during this long time of separation and that they will be reunited soon.

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