Perspectives, Scattered Yeshu Bhaktas, and Toronto Partners

TIBM’s pastor Cody is on another road trip for the next week and a half (or so).  Here’s what he is up to and how you can pray:

1) Perspectives class coordinator training (Conway, AR) – The Perspectives class is a great opportunity for people to learn about God’s heart for missions and how they can become involved.  Our denomination’s local association wants to be able to offer the class regularly so that more of our members can receive some missions training.  Cody becoming a class coordinator moves the association closer to that goal.

Please pray that the coordinator training will be an encouraging and fruitful time for Cody and the other attendees.  Pray also that the Lord will raise up others in the association to become coordinators as well.  Ask the Lord of the harvest to use the Perspectives class in Chicagoland to send forth more workers.

2) Visiting scattered Yeshu bhaktas (Louisville, Pittsburgh, Buffalo) – Some of the Bhutanese Nepali Yeshu bhaktas (devotees of the Lord Jesus) who used to live in Chicagoland now live in various cities around the States.  There are not many opportunities for most of these young brothers and sisters to worship God in a Nepali style.

Please pray that Cody will have a good time of fellowship with them.  Pray that their time together will lead to these Yeshu bhaktas being strengthened and encouraged.

3) Meeting with partners (Toronto) – In the past few years, we have developed relationships with several individuals and organizations located in Toronto, another major diaspora city.  Cody will be meeting with various people, including MoveIn leaders, to continue building these partnerships.

Please pray that the Spirit will guide these meetings.  Pray that the information and experiences shared will be helpful for advancing Christ’s kingdom in Chicagoland, Toronto and beyond.  May the Lord be pleased with the unity of brothers and sisters.

4) Discipling travelling companions – Cody is accompanied by his oldest son and one of his Nepali sisters.  Pray that their time together will be centered on Christ and that their conversations will be marked by the Spirit.  Pray that these younger followers of Jesus will take opportunities in each city to share how God has worked in their lives.

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One thought on “Perspectives, Scattered Yeshu Bhaktas, and Toronto Partners

  1. Thanks for praying! Despite the hiccup of Cody losing his wallet, the trip was fruitful. Cody has begun to coordinate a Perspectives course for 2014. There were very positive meetings with Yeshu bhaktas in various cities and the partners in Toronto.

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