Possibilities in Korea and for the Future

This Friday, TIBM team and church member Ian will be headed to South Korea.  (Actually, you can pray that the flight will not be too full so that he can fly out that day.)  During his week and a half trip, Ian hopes to be a blessing to followers of Jesus there and to see what long-term opportunities God may have in store.  Soon after he returns from Korea, Ian will be meeting with people from Converge, an organization dedicated to sharing God’s love with people around the world.

Please ask God to give Ian and the people around him wisdom.  Pray that he will clearly discern what good works and open doors the Lord has prepared for him.  Pray that in both of these places Ian will be a humble servant, as well as flexible, eager to listen and learn, and ready to give an answer for the hope he has.  Please also pray that Ian’s trust in God’s provision (and God’s actual providing) will be an encouragement to many.

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