Potential Partnerships at Cape Town

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization — Cape Town 2010 — is halfway over.

Cody has had many interesting discussions with many interesting people.  Please pray for Mahima [not her real name], who is from East Africa and lived in Nepal for a couple years, as she prepares to go to yet another place to work with Nepalis.  Please pray for the Lausanne delegates from Nepal who have had individual conversations with Cody, that they would be encouraging partners in ministry.

The days have been extremely long.  Please pray that Thursday will be a restful time for Cody and the other delegates.  Pray that they will be able to process a little more of what has been going on.

Pray that the Lord will give Cody and the other delegates the energy and ability to stay focused during the second half of the Congress and that they would finish their time together well.  Pray that the interactions at the tables would continue to be characterized by humility, graciousness and the unity given by the Spirit.

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One thought on “Potential Partnerships at Cape Town

  1. Thanks for praying. Cody had a good time of rest on Thursday. While he had some rough times during the second half of the Congress, Cody was very encouraged on the last day and deeply moved during the closing ceremonies.

    Although Lausanne III is now over, the potential for partnerships is still a matter for prayer. Please continue to pray for Mahima and the Nepali delegates. Please also pray for the people who were at Cody’s table. The table group has agreed to continue their relationships under Cody’s leadership and to seek the Lord’s purpose in bringing them together.

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