(Potentially) Huge Nepali Christmas Program

On December 25, TriEak Parmeshwar Mandali is hosting a Christmas program to gather the Nepali community in Chicagoland together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  TPM has invited all Bhutanese Nepalis living in the Wheaton area (where most TPM members live), in Chicago and in Aurora to attend and participate.  Different groups from each location will be presenting songs and traditional dances.  The TPM children will share the story of Jesus’ birth through a simple drama before Cody gives a brief message.  After the main program, everyone will share a meal and play games.  Each visiting family will also receive a Himalchuli CD and a Naya Jeevan (Jesus film) DVD.

Pray that the focus of the celebration will clearly be on Jesus and the hope of salvation found in Him.  Pray that followers of Jesus will clearly demonstrate the good news of “God with us”.  Pray that many people will honor Jesus on Christmas.  Pray that many Nepalis throughout Chicagoland will enjoy the CD and DVD and seek to learn more about the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for there to be enough food and safe, timely transportation (especially during our very wintry weather) .  Pray that the TPM deacons and service committee will display their servant-leadership for this program, especially as most TIBM-ers will be out of town on Christmas and therefore unable to provide their usual help.

Finally, some of you know that around August 2009, a few families left TPM because they strongly disagreed with some contextualization decisions.  This was a painful experience.  The Christmas program presents an opportunity for some reconciliation between TPM and former TPM members to take place.  Please pray that all followers of Jesus will show love, respect and gentleness towards each other during the program and in the years to come.

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2 thoughts on “(Potentially) Huge Nepali Christmas Program

  1. Thanks for praying! The Christmas program was well attended, with at least 150 to possibly close to 200 Bhutanese Nepalis from the Wheaton area, Chicago, Aurora and even Ohio. Most of the families, including those of former TPM members, in the Wheaton area were represented. The main program lasted close to four hours, but most people still stayed to eat together afterwards.

    Please continue to pray for people to listen to the Himalchuli CDs and watch the Naya Jeevan DVDs. Ask the Lord to draw them to Himself. Pray for believers to be able to give the reason for their hope to their friends and family. Thanks!

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