(Potentially) Huge Nepali Christmas Program (again)

Last year, we asked for prayer for the Nepali Christmas program.  The program was well attended, with over 150 Bhutanese Nepali guests from Wheaton (our area), Chicago, and Aurora and even some out of state visitors.  Featuring songs, dances, a drama about the birth of Jesus performed by the TPM kids, a brief message, and yummy food, the program was also well received.  To quote one Bhutanese Nepali young adult, “it was perfect.”  We praised God as Christ was honored also in the renewal of fellowship between TPM members and former TPM members.

This year, another Christmas program is planned for Dec. 25.  One major difference for this year is that Cody plans on giving his brief message entirely in Nepali.  We hope that the novelty of a non-Nepali speaking Nepali will motivate more people to listen closely.  Please ask God to give Cody the Nepali words to speak so that the good news of Jesus Christ might be shared clearly and many Bhutanese Nepalis would turn towards Him.

Pray that the focus of the celebration will clearly be on Jesus and the hope of salvation found in Him.  Pray that followers of Jesus will be ready to share how they have experienced “God with us”.  Pray that many people will honor Jesus on Christmas.  Pray that TPM will be able to provide helpful, Christ-honoring resources to the Nepalis who come and that Nepalis throughout Chicagoland will be blessed as a result.

Please pray for there to be enough food and safe, timely transportation.  Pray that the more mature TPM believers will eagerly serve others during this program, especially in providing rides, preparing and serving food, and cleaning up.

Ask God to bring more unity among TPM and Anugraha members and that the cooperation shown between the churches would be a positive testimony to the community.   Pray that all Nepali believers in our community would demonstrate love and respect toward each other and work together to spread the fragrance of Christ.


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One thought on “(Potentially) Huge Nepali Christmas Program (again)

  1. Thanks for praying! The message of the hope of salvation found in the Lord Jesus Christ was clearly shared in several different ways — to name a few, through several songs the youth sang, through the children’s drama, through a Nepali brother’s message, through Cody’s message in Nepali, and through an original poem based on the book of Matthew. We have put most of the videos from the program on Youtube. Please pray that Bhutanese Nepalis who were unable to attend would be able to watch some of the encouraging videos. Here’s the link if you are interested:

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