Pray for a sick newborn

Baby H. was born 9 or 10 days ago, the first child for a young Karen couple.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to jaundice.  The doctors have since detected a problem with his oxygen levels and are conducting many tests to determine the cause.

Please pray for H’s full healing and recovery.  Pray that God will give the medical team the wisdom and skills needed to help H.  Lift up H’s parents who are exhausted and full of concern.  Please also pray that the family’s fellow church members will help provide support (emotional, spiritual, food-wise) while H. is in the hospital and after he is released.

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3 thoughts on “Pray for a sick newborn

  1. Baby H is home from the hospital! He will be monitored for apnea over at least the next month. Please continue to pray for H’s health and for this young family to be centered around Christ.

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