Pray now for Unreached People Groups team at NAYLG

Here is what Cody posted on his tumblr for a meeting happening right now at the North American Younger Leaders Group (Lausanne working consultation):

“At #NAYLG12 – Unreached People Groups work group. Pray for our work today, that  God’s Spirit would clarify what we are to do …

At the Lausanne Consultation for North American Younger Leaders — this is a snap from my work group.  We have spent the majority of our time during this consultation in work groups.  Mine is focused on Unreached Peoples.  I feel excited about what God is doing in us and believe it could have major repercussions for mobilizing the Church to live, serve and die among the unreached / least reached in the next generation.  Please pray that the Lord will clarify our understanding of what He wants us to do.

To be sure, I believe the people in our group represent the potential to influences thousands upon thousands of Christ-followers during the next 30 years. Already among us our top and near-the-top leaders in some of the major mission/denominational sending agencies and parachurch ministries / schools.  The Lord knows how many people we will have the chance to influence in our lifetime.  I see a moment that God wants us to seize. Please Lord, rain down.  Give us your vision.  Unify our hearts.  May this small meeting be a key turning point in your plan to fulfill Revelation 7:9!”

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One thought on “Pray now for Unreached People Groups team at NAYLG

  1. Thanks for praying! The UPG team had a productive discussion and have made some concrete plans for the near future. Please pray that the Lord will use the results of these plans to bring his hope to millions of unreached peoples.

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