Prayer for our Mandean friend

One of the aspects of our refugee ministry is serving families with great felt need. For the last 3 months, we have been working with a Mandean family from Iraq. Mandeans are a very small unreached people group from concentrated areas of Iran and Iraq. They are followers of John the Baptist, but believe very differently about his life and ministry…in essence John is their Messiah. The father of this family has many medical concerns and we have been taking him to the hospital trying to find out what is the source of his issues.

This week we learned that he has stage 4 cancer in his bladder and prostate. Although this is a treatable disease, the issue is compounded by his age (70’s) and his ability to recover from any treatment options. Although the doctors are sure that the disease can be treated, they believe that major surgery to remove the affected organs is the only chance of success he has; however, this comes with a mortality rate. Please pray for his health, that if God wills, he will survive this cancer, and that Jesus would get the glory for his healing.

Because our friends are Arabic speaking, there is also a language barrier, and we are concerned that they do not fully understand the weight of the situation. Please pray for clarity for the family that they will fully understand the disease and treatment options and will be able to make a fully informed choice about how to proceed.

`We are asking for prayer that God would also open doors for us to continue to share the Gospel with this family, and that the Holy Spirit would be working in this man’s life as we may be running out of time to reach him.

Please pray for his family, that they would be comforted with the love of Jesus and that we would have many more opportunities to show the love of Jesus to them and speak the truth of Christ into their lives.

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