Report from Louisville and Durham (and Greensboro)

For about a week in January, several TIBM-ers and TPM-ers went on a road trip to visit Bhutanese Nepalis in Louisville, KY and Durham, NC.  While in Durham, they also took a day trip to Greensboro to visit other families there.  The short version is: Praise God for a great trip!  Here’s the longer version:

In Louisville, they held a satsang (contextualized worship service) at a Brahmin family’s home.  An American follower of Jesus who has learned some Nepali and has a good relationship with many families, W, will be moving into the same apartment complex.  The satsang was well received.  Since the trip, W has held another satsang.  Please pray that many Nepali families living in Louisville will follow Jesus and put their trust in Him.  Pray also that God will help W to share the Truth with authority even though he is young and that God will provide Nepali friends who will help W learn more of the language and culture.

In Durham, they led a baby naming ceremony for Baba T’s granddaughter.  The ceremony, conducted in a Christ-centered way, was also well received.  The family and others in attendance appreciated Cody’s explanation of the significance of different aspects of the ceremony and Cody was able to share briefly about reconciliation with God.  Relatives in Ohio who viewed the ceremony via webcast could not believe that Cody was not a Nepali and invited Cody to do the same ceremony for their baby.

Many wonderful conversations took place during the trip.  At a new home, Baba T (who has not made a commitment to follow Christ) would mention that Cody was a “true priest” and talk about the church to lead things into a spiritual direction.  He also asked to watch the Jesus film in different homes.  G, who publicly committed to following Jesus less than two years ago, was shy about translating during the different worship services but very naturally and boldly shared her faith in conversations.  And of course, the novelty of a non-Nepali like Cody speaking Nepali, wearing Nepali clothes, praying in Nepali style, and explaining Nepali ceremonies prompted talk of what it could look like to learn about and follow Jesus in a Nepali style.

For instance, the family in Durham had actually been quite interested in Jesus when they first arrived in the States.  They attended church and met with Nepali Christians.  However, at some point, a well-meaning believer said something which the family heard as an accusation that they were Satan or like Satan.  Deeply offended, the family no longer wanted anything to do with Christians.  (Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.  We have heard many Bhutanese Nepalis tell us that a Christian called them Satan or Satanic.)  After the naming ceremony, when the people in the house were just talking, the matriarch expressed her disapproval of Christians.  G blurted out, “But we are Christians!  We follow Jesus!”  This gave our band of travelers the opportunity to share their experiences with Jesus, about their church and worship services, and so on.  After hearing their testimonies, the matriarch had a different sentiment and said something like, “If we could learn about Jesus like this, everyone would become Christians!”  Please pray that this family and others like them in Durham and Greensboro will continue to have a renewed receptiveness to Christ and that the Lord will bring someone to teach them more about Him.

Besides all the exciting things that happened in these other towns, God did great things among the travelers also.  While on the road near the beginning of the trip, Sarah received word that one of her close relatives was facing a major complication during a medical procedure.  After the information was translated for Baba T, everyone in the car stopped and prayed together.  A couple minutes later, Sarah was contacted with news that the complication was no longer an issue and the procedure was successful.  Everyone was encouraged and amazed to see God answer so quickly.  The young woman G sensed God giving her an answer for major decision and directing her to keep visiting Bhutanese Nepalis on trips like this so that more people might hear about God’s salvation.  It is also clear that God is moving in Baba T’s heart.  Praise God for showing His hand on this trip.  Ask God to give G many opportunities to share Truth with others and to continue to draw Baba T to Himself until he places all his trust in the Triune God.

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