Road Trips, Vacations & Nationwide Karen Gathering (oh my!)

Several TIBM folks are traveling or will be traveling:

Sarah is taking a vacation, visiting family and friends around her hometown.  She also bought a car as her old one required thousands of dollars of repairs.  Please pray that Sarah will be refreshed and renewed.  Ask God to also provide for her car payments.

Scott is taking a road trip to his home state with a Bhutanese Nepali brother.  Please pray that they will have a good time of fellowship together, encouraging each other in the Lord.

Soe Rah, Cody and some Karen Baptist Church members are joining many Karen believers from all over the U.S. in Nebraska.  Please pray that this gathering will be deeply encouraging for newly ordained Soe Rah.  Ask God to give the Karen renewal, increased biblical understanding, effective discipleship of youth, and a vision and passion to reach the nations for Christ.

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