Running with a Purpose

TIBM is constantly looking for ways to help other people become involved with our ministry.  One of our close ministry partners, our dear friend Vincent, has thought of a very creative way to increase awareness of TIBM and encourage others to join our ministry through prayer and thanksgiving.  Vincent will be participating in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on May 1.  For each of the 26 days leading up to the day of the race, he will be using social media to direct his network of friends and family to a specific prayer request related to TIBM.  Then on the day of the race itself, Vincent will be sharing thanksgiving and praise reports from the team.  Vincent is calling this “Running with a Purpose.”

Please pray that many people will lift up the prayer requests mentioned.  Ask God to bless our ministry through those prayers.  Pray that we would continue to find more creative ways to involve others with TIBM, for the sake of His kingdom.

Email subscribers, please note that you will be receiving an email every day with the daily prayer request from April 6 through May 1.  Feel free to share these requests with others!

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One thought on “Running with a Purpose

  1. Ten years ago, the thought of running 26.2 miles would never cross my mind. After two half-marathons, I decided to give it a try and complete it in (hopefully) 5 hrs. It’s no feat by any marathoners’ standard and I’m not running on May 1st to win a race. I’m running ’cause I enjoy it and it serves as a reminder of the spiritual race God calls me to run.

    Over the last few years, after two half-marathons and two 50-miles bicycle rides, I realized that in order to enjoy endurance sports, I need to be both physically and mentally ready. While training helps build the strength and stamina, what I eat is equally important. Similarly, I can get into a routine of spiritual disciplines (eg. prayer, Bible study, fasting, etc.) but I also need to allow the transforming power of God to work in and through me.

    There is nothing magical about the 26.2 days of prayer – if great things were to happen, God is the only one that makes it happen. I would like to invite you to join me in this journey as we fix our eyes on God and what He is doing through TIBM. Pray and encourage members of TIBM as they obediently serve God in Chicagoland.

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