Saying Thank you, Shukran, Dah Blu, and Danyabad

This Thanksgiving, TIBM-ers will be spending the day with friends, family, and friends who have become family.  Some TIBM-ers will be celebrating together but we will mostly be in separate homes.  A few TIBM-ers will be travelling to spend Thanksgiving elsewhere.  Those staying will have feasts with Karen, Iraqis, Bhutanese Nepalis, and Ghanaians.  The various menus will reflect similar diversity: traditional Iraqi food, Nepali goat curry, and maybe a Sriracha-ed turkey.

While we all hope to enjoy yummy food, we desire our focus to be on thanking God, who has provided for all our needs and connected our lives with these friends and family from many places according to His plans for our good.  Some of these friends and families do not follow Christ.  We hope to demonstrate love and share blessings by spending Thanksgiving together.

Please pray for our various celebrations on Thanksgiving to truly be times of giving thanks to the Lord.  Pray that followers of Jesus will be filled with gratitude as a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict those who are not following Christ of God’s provision in their own lives.  As TIBM-ers share stories of thankfulness, pray that these seeds of good news would bear fruit soon.  Pray that the Lord would use these Thanksgiving meals to knit together friends and families in such a way that one day we might all enjoy the feast of the Lamb.

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