Sharing our stories in God’s story at ESL

This past year at our weekly ESL classes, we have been sharing stories mostly from the life of Jesus.  Tonight at the last ESL class of the semester, the teachers will be sharing with their classes their personal stories of following Jesus and how the stories from the Bible have impacted them.

Ask the Lord to give the right words to the teachers so that they can effectively communicate what He has done in their lives.  Pray that the students will understand what is said and will take time to reflect on their own lives.  Pray for those who want to follow Jesus to express that desire to Christ-follower.

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One thought on “Sharing our stories in God’s story at ESL

  1. Thanks for praying! More of the students seem to be comprehending more of what we’ve been sharing. Please pray that these students will have other opportunities to practice English and to learn about the Lord Jesus throughout the summer.

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