Sharing what we have learned

When we see a brother or sister in Christ, we start asking, “What can we share with each other?” Please pray for these two upcoming efforts to share what God has given us.

  1. One of our pastors in the USA will begin a class addressing spiritual conflict issues. Scripture is clear that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood” but many American followers of Christ have received little practical teaching on spiritual conflict. We thank God for the wisdom, experience and biblical insight He has given to this pastor and for the opportunity he has to build up the Body. Pray that the pastor and those who attend the class will be mutually encouraged in the Lord. Ask God to protect this class from the forces of evil which would much rather remain hidden and unacknowledged.
  2.  Please pray for R to have wisdom as he starts writing a book. Ask God to give him the words that will help the readers see the Lord Jesus clearly on every page. Pray that all the logistics of writing and publishing a book will go smoothly.

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