“Smell that God is here”

Malachi 1:11

Last night, (at least) one of the churches we have gotten to know had a special prayer meeting. They devoted almost all the time to praising God and praying for His kingdom to come. They prayed for revival not just for themselves as individuals or for their church but for their community and the world. As the pastor said, they wanted to “smell that God is here.”

Thank God for groups of Christ-followers who gather together to pray for God’s kingdom to advance, as this church did last night. Pray that the Lord will encourage them to keep praying together on a regular basis. Pray that these people will also have a constant attitude of prayer — at home, at work, at school, in the car, at the mall, and so on. Pray that as God’s people lift Him up in each of these places, the community will smell that God is here and nations will experience joy. May the Lord send His people to pray and seek the Lord in the places (homes, buildings, cities) where He is not yet worshiped.

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