Southern Missouri: Perspectives, Planning & Provision

Today, Cody heads out to Missouri for the next few days.  Please pray that he will have a safe and productive trip.

First, he will be teaching at Perspectives courses in three cities.  The Perspectives class teaches Christ-followers God’s story of redeeming the nations and how to be involved in that story.  Cody’s teaching will correspond with the unit on “Church Multiplication Movements”.  Please ask God to give Cody wisdom as he prepares and the right words as he speaks.  Pray that he will have fresh energy for each class.  Pray that those attending the courses will clearly hear from the Lord and take the next step of obedience.

Second, Cody will be meeting with a leader from First Baptist Church of Willow Springs.  As they did last year, the church will be sending a group to work with TIBM this summer.  As Cody and the church leader discuss plans for their week in Chicagoland, please pray that the Lord will guide their conversation.  Pray that our plans would reflect the Lord’s purpose in bringing us together again.

Finally, FBC of Willow Springs saw our need for a new van and very generously decided to donate one of their vans to us.  Praise God for providing for us and for blessing us with a van that is both newer and in better condition than our previous one.  Please pray for God’s protection as Cody drives the van back to Chicagoland.  Pray that, by God’s grace, this new van would be used to help people of many nations encounter the Living God.

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