Storms and Power Outages

Today, I am very happy to have electricity in my home after about 55 hours without it.  A brief storm a couple days ago left  a record 868,000 customers without power in Chicagoland for varying amounts of time.  I think some people are still waiting for their lights and air conditioning.

Although you can join me in thanking God for my electricity & praying for those who are still in the dark, this prayer request is not about our electricity service.  It’s about the storms of life and the spiritual power failures.  How people on our team (as a group and as individuals) face discouragement, interpersonal conflict, physical ailments, financial concerns, and all sorts of stress.  How we (as a group and as individuals) struggle to be spiritually disciplined, to fight against sin, to trust God.

Please please please pray for us to be restored by the Lord each day.  Pray that we would abide in Christ and receive power from the Holy Spirit.  Pray that we would grow deeper in the love and knowledge of our Savior.  Pray for us by name (don’t forget our interns and summer interns).

ComEd, the Chicagoland electricity supplier, brought in workers from nearby states to help.  I believe this is why I did not have to wait an additional 45 hours – a total of 100 hours without power – which was the estimate given yesterday.

Please find other people who will pray for us and for our ministry.  We would truly appreciate the help of more prayers by more pray-ers.

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