Story of Obedience: The S family moves to Chicagoland!

Praise the Lord!  We are incredibly excited about the S family’s move to the western suburbs of Chicago next week.

A little less than two years ago, the S family spent a week in Chicagoland.  While prayerwalking by the lovely Lake Michigan, they began to sense that the Lord was calling them to move here in order to share His love with some of the people who have not had opportunities to experience that love.  They began to be burdened for a certain population, the very people for which TIBM had been asking God to send forth workers.  Mr. and Mrs. S began aligning their lives with the Lord’s call.  They started learning another language.  They sought out friendships with scattered peoples.  They looked to be sharpened by other followers of Christ.  They waited on the Lord’s timing.

Now, almost a year after TIBM affirmed God’s calling in the S family, the Lord has opened the door for them to move.  He has provided a part-time job for Mr. S and an available apartment in a great location.  He has also provided a number of prayer and financial partners to encourage and strengthen the S family.

Praise God for His faithfulness, for the testimony He has written in the S family, for His good and perfect plans.

Praise God for bringing more workers, for remembering the peoples currently living in darkness, for His kingdom advancing.

Please pray that the S family’s move and transition to living in Chicagoland will go smoothly.  Pray that each family member will have a positive experience adjusting to their new home.  Pray that they will quickly forge new friendships with TIBM-ers, their neighbors, and specific peoples God has called them to love.  Ask for the Lord’s protection over their marriage, their family, and their spiritual health.  Pray that the Lord will provide more prayer and financial partners.  May the Lord richly bless the work of the S family’s hands.

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