Table Talks at the Refugee Round Table

Two TIBM-ers will be in the Twin Cities this week to participate in the North American Refugee Round Table.  Katie will be leading a breakout session on Redeeming Truths in Hinduism two times.  Jessica is also providing some leadership for the conference.

Please pray for the Round Table to provide encouragement and effective equipping to those who attend.  Pray the Spirit will give unity and fellowship to the participants, who come from many different backgrounds.

Ask the Lord to give Katie the words and the confidence to communicate clearly during the breakout sessions.  As Katie generally shies away from public speaking, please pray that the Lord will remove unnecessary fear and give her calmness.  Pray that through this conference, TIBM would be able to assist believers in many other cities in their efforts to advance the kingdom of God.  Pray that Katie and Jessica would also meet people who can help strengthen TIBM’s ministries among refugees.

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3 thoughts on “Table Talks at the Refugee Round Table

  1. Thanks for praying! The conference was helpful in many ways. Katie did a great job with her Table Talks. Some of those who were at her Table Talks requested some more information. Please pray that those resources would be created/made available soon.

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