“Taking us to the next level”

Our brothers and sisters at Calvary International Baptist Ministries, led by Pastor Eric Aidoo, believe that God is taking them to “the next level”.  We invite you to be a part of that through prayer!

Praise God!  He has made it possible for Pastor Eric’s family to finally join him in the States.  We thank God for sustaining Pastor Eric and his family while they were geographically separated for dozens of months.  We thank God for providing Pastor Eric’s wife and four children with visas and plane tickets so that we can all celebrate a joyful reunion!  Moreover, we thank God for the prayers, encouragement, support and energy that Pastor Eric’s wife will be bringing.

Please pray that Pastor Eric’s family will have safe travels and a smooth transition to living in the States.  Ask God to bless and reward this family for the personal sacrifices they have made for the sake of God’s kingdom.  Pray for God’s protection over them as they learn to minister together again.

Praise God for the three people who were recently baptized by Pastor Eric’s church, Calvary International Baptist Ministries.  Pray for these individuals to grow in maturity in the Lord.  We also praise God that Calvary now has members from six different nations.  Please ask God to continue to bring different peoples to pray and worship together at Calvary.  Pray specifically that the Lord will add 10 to 15 more people through baptism to Calvary by the end of December.

As Calvary grows and seeks to grow, please pray for the Lord to provide a good location for them to meet on Sunday mornings.

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