Technical difficulties for Lausanne

Friends, please pray about the internet-related difficulties the Lausanne/Cape Town team have been facing.  The vision for Cape Town 2010 included participation from believers all around the world through the use of the internet.  Pray that God’s people will still gather to pray and seek the Lord’s will about the different issues addressed by the Congress.

Larry Russell, the Associate Director for Cape Town 2010, e-mailed this:

“I would ask for your prayers, world family. The Lausanne GlobaLink Network website, along with the other Lausanne websites –, the Lausanne Global Conversation and – are currently down with no access. We are doing everything possible to restore these sites. There is literally a small army of Christian IT professionals who are working to make the components of GlobaLink, Global Conversation, and Lausanne work to provide the nearly two hundred videos and hundreds of pages of resource materials. “

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2 thoughts on “Technical difficulties for Lausanne

  1. Praise God that the websites seem to be working again and some of the videos are now online. You know how the internet is, though — please continue praying for the IT team and for things to run smoothly.

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