The Beauty of Heaven

This afternoon will mark the end of our first set of ESL women’s meetings.  About once a month, we have invited our female ESL students as well as the female relatives of our male ESL students to gather together for English practice.  We share Bible stories and do activities together which relate to health and beauty.

Please pray for our ESL women’s meeting this afternoon as we talk about heaven, God’s country.  Pray that the women will understand some of what heaven is like.  Pray that our review of four previous stories of Jesus helping women will help them to see how Jesus is bringing God’s kingdom.  Pray for those who follow Jesus to have opportunities to share how they personally have experienced God’s love.

heaven bracelet

The women will be making bracelets like these to serve as reminders of what heaven is like.  The different beads symbolize not only the visual beauty of heaven (gold, jewels, clear river) but also the beauty of the many different people who will be in heaven.  Pray that as women wear the bracelets, they will think about heaven and turn to Jesus for help.

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